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The project DONAIRE is carrying out, for the first time in Spain, an integrated study on atmospheric deposition in different micro-environments in North-Eastern Spain. Our approach will characterize atmospheric deposition in terms of geochemical, magnetic and mineralogical properties, at 12 observatories from remote areas in the Pyrenees, the Ebro Basin or some Mediterranean mountain ranges towards more polluted environments including populated cities (Pamplona, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca), industrial areas (Monzón, Huesca), irrigated agricultural terrains (Cinco Villas region, Zaragoza) or the influence area of a windmill park in Almudévar (Huesca). When possible, our devices have been installed in permanent air quality monitoring sites (8 out of 12), in order to maximize the efforts already done and with the objective of taking the advantage of supplementary data for DONAIRE. The project offially started at the beginning of 2016, although field measurements were initiated in June 2016. In our facebook page you can be a follower of our activities, https://www.facebook.com/donaireproject/ , also updated here in specific sections.

DONAIRE project will:

·     quantify atmospheric deposition fluxes in terms of mass and chemical composition

·     evaluate the geochemical enrichment observed in polluted environments with respect to the nearest remote references

·     perform a complete charcaterization of magnetic properties of atmospheric deposition

·     investigate on the sources of atmospheric deposition and their contributions

·     look for interesting relationships between chemical species or sources with respect to magnetic outcomes ir order to establish valuable proxys

·     evaluate the ecotoxicity of atmospheric deposition on soil bacterial communities

Overall, DONAIRE is a pluridisciplinar research project performing a number of activities in earth sciences domains including geology, meteorology, environmental chemistry and ecology. To fulfill the objectives of the project we will use consolidated methodologies in the specific fields of study.

Transferences from the different geochemical reservoirs to the atmosphere (self-elaboration from different sources)
Transferences from the different geochemical reservoirs to the atmosphere (self-elaboration from different sources)

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