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he Geological Survey of Spain (Instituto Geológico y Minero de

España, IGME) with the aid of the Goverment Institution of National

Parks, continues with this geological guide the collection of Geological

Guidebooks of National Parks.

The main task of this collection is to make geological guidebooks

available to the visitors and researchers of the National Parks. Within

these guidebooks, the geology and its processes are described in an

easy and divulgative way and also with scientific strictness.

Each guidebook is accompanied by a geological map showing the

more important geological formations in relation to the generation

and evolution of the landscape. This map was made over a digital

elevation model that generates a better landscape expression and a

good quality design.

The Geological Guide to the Teide National Park is the first one in this

collection due to the existence of very well presåerved volcanoes that are

very attractive for tourism.

This guidebook contains a general description of the geological and geo-

morphological processes that affect the territory encompassed in the

Park, within the context of the Tenerife Volcanic Island.

A series of specific chapters with the most important geological routes

and a description of the general and specific geology to be found in each

one is also included.

There is an Appendix with a select bibliography and a glossary of the

geological and volcanological terms used in the text.