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Since the late 80´s, the regional office of the IGME at Zaragoza has contributed to the development of a general understanding of the hydrogeology of the Ebro basin. Such knowledge has emerged from several projects framed in the context of the National Research Program on Ground Waters (PIAS), such as the National Project on Urban Water Supply (PANU), the Aquifer Monitoring and Control Project, and other projects aimed at studying the regional hydrogeology and the management of network wells.

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Over the last years, the research has been devoted on the hydrogeological characterization of different sectors of the Ebro basin (e.g. in the Huesca and Burgos provinces) and the Pyrenean mountains (Veral and Gállego valleys). New research topics also include thermal and mineral springs (Sallent de Gállego and Alhama de Aragón), hydrochemistry of granitic massifs (Panticosa, Benasque), geological injection of brines (Beriain), and the establishment of hydrogeological protection perimeters. Other topics concern the environmental impact of the geological storage of CO2 in coal-bearing formations (Alcorisa) and the development and application of new geophysical tools (e.g. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) in hydrogeological research.

In addition to research in the field of hydrogeology, the regional office has also contributed to studies on mineral resources and assessment of geological risks (landslides and snow avalanches) in the Aragón region. Over the last few years, and due to the incorporation of new stuff specialized in different disciplines within the field of Earth Sciences, the research activity has widened dramatically. Such activity is nowadays focused on the following lines: